My Favourite Podcasts for Working From Home.

Whether typing away your desk, walking around the warehouse, or driving your route, work often provides an ideal atmosphere for enjoying a podcast — and for working, but that’s beside the point. My tip which I’ve discovered through trial and error, is that it’s best you don’t search out a program that’s going to require your entire attention, but instead look for something fun and casual, the aural equivalent of putting on a season of My Wife & Kids for the umpteenth time because it’s great background noise. You’re looking for something that you don’t necessarily have to pay full attention to, but will be happy to hear when you do listen in now and then. With the ever-expanding library of podcasts (both shows and episodes), there is undoubtedly one out there to tickle your ears and help get you to closing time without taking your mind fully off work. Or the road.  

Playing Out From The Back

In the absence of being able to have friends round to talk about the beautiful game. Three friends (also of mine, so I’m biased) decided to bring the conversations us football fans would be having every week to the masses. It’s banter-filled with an honest fan assessment of the key themes from each game week. Disclaimer it is headed up by three Arsenal fans but there is impartiality well from 2 of the 3 hosts, my namesake has some outrageous biased moments. 

Hip Hop Saved My Life

Hip Hop fans assemble this show hosted by comedian Romesh Ranganathan, is a comedy podcast where each week Romesh & RuMaj (co-host) invite famous guests to discuss their love for the musical art form from the beginning to present day. Guests to date have included Patrice Evra, Jamie Cullum, Wale & Louis Theroux. It’s the perfect blend of comedy and helping you discover/re-discover albums and artists from one of the best musical genres.

Cut The Chat

Ever walked past a barbershop, specifically the black barbershop and wondered what on earth they’re talking about and with such vim? Yes, well here’s your opportunity! Cut The Chat is a podcast that gives you that opportunity and unfiltered too, hosted by BBC 1Xtra DJ Ace, Barber to the stars Damon, Taxi driver Lee and Actor/Director Femi. As they say quite regularly “We say what we like, sue us!” 

Filthy Fellas @ Five Debates

It’s kind of a football show. Every week the Filthy Fellas, hosted by Tigo discuss a topic of their choosing. The podcast gained note rarity for its Top 10 lists which has lead to some outrageous opinions and comments which will have you either laughing or raging.

I will reguralry update this as I discover more podcasts during my 10 pace commute from bedroom to work location in the house.

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