I’m always nervous to talk about trends, why? Trends more often than not are misunderstood by us gents. Stop most men on the roads and they’ll happily explain to you why they don’t fashion trends. However look at their wardrobe and you’ll find distressed denim sat alongside a classic Oxford button down. The issue is menswear seasonal trend conversations tend to be discussed around images of either social media bloggers who or the boldly dressed fashionista crowds that flock to London, Milan, Paris & New York fashion weeks. However, fellow gentleman, I ask you to look beyond these almost propaganda notions of menswear and look at the front row of actual fashion show attendees. You’ll find these individuals dress a lot more like us mere mortals.

For every peacocking man / ridiculous look begging for blogging column inches, you will find commendable looks to be minded – wearable, up to the minute looks ready to go for all facets of the modern man’s life.

What I’ve done is troll through the street style images, magazine write-ups and social media posts to give you my favourite of the looks that are set to dominate the remainder of 2018.



When we think neutral I’m sure our minds immediately think of new build properties, Homes Under The Hammer, Grand Designs and Location Location Location, or is that just me and my property programme addiction? Okay, let me get back to the point.

Wearing all neutrals head to toe is more than feasible but there is a golden rule! Wear various tones!Wear camel, coffee and off-white in tandem as opposed to going one-note and looking like one of those blanket-covered sand raiders in Star Wars. The easiest way to pull off the trend is by picking two shades: use a light sweater or tee to break up a two-piece, or darker legwear to contrast with what’s up top.

Neutral Tones

Either way, you’ll build a tonal look using staples that should already be hanging in your wardrobe: your camel coat, your coffee chinos and so on. The benefits are twofold; firstly, neutrals have long been safe territory, and their versatility makes them preferable to trend-led colours. Plus, there’s an increased chance to introduce some texture.


The Hoodie

Now I can hear the gentlemen GQ turning their nose up at this trend but at some point, they will have to come to the same realisation we’ve all come to. The combination of tailoring and sportswear is here to stay, and I’m as bold to say forever (I can’t say forever or type it without going. Wakanda forever). Now on paper, the combination of an overcoat and hoody are juxtaposed but in this era of every day is casual Friday, well outside Canary Wharf.

Just as a structured coat can add an air of polish to an outfit sportswear can simmer it down and a sense comfort that allows for a balance in the era of ‘smart casual dress code’.

Hoody & Overcoat

The rule is to keep things muted. A neutral overcoat in camel, navy or grey will not only work with all the other pieces in your wardrobe (and nail the cost-per-wear ratio) but also offers the perfect foil to any heavy branding on your hoodie. Then, ensure both pieces complement each other colour-wise, and you’ll silence the haters for good.



Continuing the prominence of sportswear influencing menswear, the side-stripe trouser has probably been the most visible item on catwalks this year to date.There were skinny versions at Balmain, Prada showed them coordinating tops, while Valentino went straight-up retro sportswear. Basically, if you haven’t got lines down your legs for spring & summer, you’re not doing menswear right.

Now the question is, how do you pull it off without looking like sporty spice?

Yes, you can wear trainers with them, but you’ll need to add a smart knit or a slim-fit shirt to stop the ‘I socialise at bus stops’ vibes.

Tropical Shirt

Notice I left this for one last as I can already hear all of you saying…..’you out your Goddam mind?’, no is the simple answer. Nobody more than myself is surprised by my draw to the once holiday fashion faux pas.

Getting on board requires subtlety, something lost on practically every printed shirt wearer to date. Seek out designs in pared-back colour palettes and combine with dark tailored chinos or jeans to nail the look. Even if the weather doesn’t play ball this year, the outlook for your summer wardrobe should be totally and utterly tropical.tropical shirt



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