How To Wear Your Plain White T-Shirt

The beauty of T-shirts is their simplicity – they’re incredibly versatile items. The plain white tee is great in particular because of its ability to match with pretty much anything and allow for creativity elsewhere. The best plain t-shirts can be styled in a number of ways; and with such a variety of shapes and necklines available, you can be sure to find one that flatters you.


Especially for more the transitional months, play around with your t-shirt with layering and colour blocking – with a touch of athleisure styling. To tailor athleisure to the season, I recommend working your look around a tonal palette. This means tapping into your minimal basics with neutral shades of navy, beiges, creams, blacks and greys.



While most formalwear can seem uncomfortable, especially if you have an all-day event to attend, a white t-shirt can be a suitable alternative. This means ditch the tie and opts for your best. Fitting for the summer seasons, layering your blazer with a white tee still, creates a fitted look, but with more a relaxed way of layering.

How to Buy the Perfect Plain White T-Shirt

  • Always keep quality in mind.
  • Before picking a fit, think about what would compliment your body shape most.
  • Experiment with you style – mix textures, colours and prints.
  • Look after you white t-shirt during washes – know your fabric.
  • Try wearing your white tee as formal wear right through to casual and get the most out of it

The Final Word

The T-shirt is a basic, but the vital item to have. Its versatility allows you to style and adapt it to a variety of different occasions. The best plain white T-shirt for men varies on not only your personal preference but also what shape you are, as different styles compliment different figures.

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