As much as many analysts like to point out that menswear is still a booming industry, let’s not play ourselves and think the industry is nearly as big as women’s fashion. Women have been doing the fashion thing a hell of a lot longer than men.When it comes to personal style, women have it locked down. They know what works for them and what doesn’t work; almost like they have a sixth sense on how to most effortlessly communicate their feelings based on their choice of clothing. Now that lines have become blurred with the rise of genderless clothing and the general acceptance of not dressing in traditional menswear, it’s a good time to look over and see what we can learn from women when it comes to style from a woman’s perspective.




One thing that immediately stands out is that women, for the most part, simply get texture, while we are still trying to figure the whole thing out. Women just understand the mixing and matching of different textures and can effortlessly elevate a look by giving it more depth and variety. One of the reasons why women are ahead in the texture game is due to the fact that in womenswear there is an abundance of fabrics to choose from. Understanding texture has never really been a point of emphasis when it comes to men’s style.  But with menswear now incorporating a much wider variety of fabrics, it’s never been a better time to try and mix some into your outfit.



I always felt the fundamental difference between women’s and men’s fashion advice is that the advice for women empowers you to try new things, while for men we try and get you to stick to what you’re comfortable with. Menswear has always been deeply rooted in traditional rules.  But these days, menswear is trying to step out of the box. No, we’re still  not buttoning up the bottom button of our suit jackets, that’s still a no-no, but for the most part, we kinda threw the old guard rules of style out. We’re now mixing black and brown, mixing and matching different brands, and even borrowing some pieces from womenswear and that’s totally cool. The time to experiment sartorially is now in menswear.



With more room in the sartorial sandbox to play in, women for the most part get the opportunity to explore proportions a touch more than men. Now, menswear is embracing the whole no rules thing and you won’t be looked at funny if you start experimenting with different fits as well. Experimenting with proportions does not have to be anything drastic. It can be as simple as wearing roomier and more airy pants or the popular streetwear look of a baggy top with slim bottoms. 



I’m just going to admit defeat and concede that women are better shoppers than we are. Their smarter at finding deals, where the best places to shop are, what are the best items to buy online, and what are the best items to purchase in store. It’s safe to assume women are savvy shoppers.  One trick that we can definitely learn from them when it comes to stocking your wardrobe is they know when to spend and when to save. They’ve mastered the art of spending money on the big ticket items such as those timeless bags, and shoes, and when to scale it down and spend less on trendy pieces that most likely won’t withstand father time.

It’s time we learn a thing or two from the opposite sex. Instead of dropping big bucks on some trend that will eventually flare out in a season or two, save up for those that elusive pair of sneakers or jacket that you’ve been eyeing that can withstand the test of time. Go with a more affordable option when shopping for the latest trend being reported by magazines and blogs.



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