As I rapidly approached my 30 something birthday at a rate of mph only a Bugatti Veron can match a few a weeks ago, conventional wisdom leads me to believe that I should really start dressing my age. My blog post series in the latter stages of last year titled “ARE YOU DRESSING YOUR AGE” even alluded to the fact that I should start dressing my age. Tucking in your shirt is a requirement when you reach your 30’s, isn’t it?. Being a fan of streetwear since I was a young teen, I find it difficult to trade in all of my favorite pieces with tons of life left in my wardrobe or stop buying such items. I also figure I’m not the only “old” git still trying to hold on to streetwear, well I’d like to think so?

So I thought I would like to make my case for why I just can’t let this element of my wardrobe go just yet, and probably never will.

The Case To Still Wear Streetwear

For me, there is just something about streetwear that no other “genre” of menswear manages to resonate with myself, so in my “old” age I continue to have a soft spot for. This was the gateway drug that lead me to my fascination with menswear to the point where I started my little blog. Like with Sir Isaac Newton when the apple fell on his head which lead to the discovery of gravity and motion. For me, there is just something, about a hoodie, graphic t-shirt, a pair or sneakers or snapback that I just naturally gravitate too much like the apple falling off its branch, it just cannot be helped. Let’s also not forget the comfort levels.

The Case For Dressing Your Age

The downside to dressing like I want to is the being tagged with the politically correct label of “urban”, a word that gets tossed in my direction more regular than tennis balls at Wimbledon. I don’t have an issue with being labelled it’s something that’s part of life but I don’t want to be restricted to solely to the urban bubble and stereotype. The look of surprise on a passer-bys face  when I’m spotted reading the economist, guardian whilst wearing a hoody, snapback and Air Max’s can be hilarious and yet infuriating like the two are juxtaposed to each other.From my experiences wearing streetwear at an older age puts you in a certain image that limits you to the subcultures the brands are associated with even when you have interests that go beyond rap and sports.

Best Of Both Worlds

Lucky for us old heads, who still love streetwear it has evolved into something that does not always resemble all over prints and gaudy graphic t-shirts. The leaders in streetwear today are focusing on characteristics that were non-existent for streetwear twenty years ago. Brands such as Stampd, Ronnie Feig’s Kith, and Public School NYC’s are all brands that strip away all the logos, and primarily focus on tailoring, fit, and fabrics. This, in turn, has created an elevated product that appeals to older fans of the genre. Even classic streetwear staples such as Stussy and Supreme offer more low-key pieces that have minimal branding that doesn’t scream “Hey, I’m a Hypebeast!”

It’s also becoming increasingly more in vogue to mix and match different contrasting styles and silhouettes to create something unique. Supreme Five Panel hats can are now paired with soft shoulder blazers and sportcoats, graphic t-shirts are worn under more traditional topcoats. This is the way to wear streetwear when you’re getting up there in age; mixing and matching one or two pieces into your look, as opposed to being head to toe in Yeezy apparel.





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