Undoubtedly one of the leading proponents of the Grime scene, Kano is one artist whose legacy is the stuff mythology. From his legendary battle with Wiley in 2004 in the Lord of Mics series, to his debut album Home Sweet Home which is 10 years old in 2016, it goes without saying that Kano has stayed at the forefront of a scene which has had a love hate relationship with the ‘establishment’.

‘Made In The Manor’ the upcoming 5th studio album to be released  (4th March 2016) by Kano, an homage and celebration of his East London roots and without doubt a candid snapshot of modern Britishness. On it, he addresses his childhood, his estranged family, lost friends, unresolved arguments and the warped perceptions of fame; the realities of his real life.

To support the release of the album, a documentary of Kano has been made, in which he revisits his roots – from his cousin’s barbershop, to his childhood home and behind-the-scenes footage of the MC in the studio. Watch the full film below.

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