This has been a life to date journey of discovery for myself, being a dark skin man of an African descent. Starting from being a young man filled with paranoia about my complexion to now an 30’s something male who is now literally comfortable in his own skin.  This comfort level has come from a realisation that having dark skin is a blessing when it comes to livening up your wardrobe with colour and texture. A blessing you say? Yes a blessing! Main stream media would have you thinking otherwise with it’s focus on utilising models of a lighter shades, though actors/models like Djimon Hounsou are breaking down that barrier one brick at a time.

djimon hounsou

So why a blessing? Because the darker undertones in yours and my skin allows for the Majority of other colours to work very well against it. So, what I’m trying to get across to you is that having darker skin pretty much gives you a pass to wear whatever colour you desire. What could be better than that? The freedom that you have is incredible, as the darker skin tones is the only one where this can happen, so embrace and run with it.



The great thing about menswear when you’ve got darker skin is that you can pretty much wear any colour that you like. You can keep it darker with a tonal look in grey or black or you can go brighter with massive detailing of colour and pattern. The choice is yours.

Key Colours:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Anything

Blue is a great colour and my favourite colour. For darker skin as it can really stand out when set against your skin tone.

Image-1 (1)

That’s the great thing about having darker skin, you can literally wear whatever colour you want to, so go to town with it all!


Although you and I may be allowed to wear pretty much any colour under the sun there are a few exceptions to this. The key to dressing well no matter what your skin tone is to not look washed out. The trick when we’ve got darker skin is to not wear colours that are in the same colour pallet of our skin. Avoid colours such as brown or too much black clothing as this will wash you out and blend in with your skin tone.

Key Colours:

  • Too much black
  • Too much navy

I know that I said that we should avoid wearing too much black, and I stick by this, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear the colour at all. If you do decide to wear black try and keep it to a minimum rather than a whole tonal look.

How To Mix Colours

The great thing about the ability to wear a multitude of colours is that you can mix them up for a completely different look and feel to your outfit. The key to a great transitional wardrobe is to be able to mix different pieces together and pull off a multitude of looks with minimal effort.




Having a darker skin tone is a blessing when it comes to wearing colour. It doesn’t really matter what colour you throw on your back, chances are that it will look great. Obviously there are a few exceptions to this rule, but in the long run, you’re good to go no matter what the colour. Try and go for a brighter blue or green to really set the colour pallet racing. Don’t go for a tonal look with these colours but the odd piece here and there will work perfectly.

Avoid colours that are similar to your skin tone such as brown or some varying shade of black as these will completely wash you out. However, with that being said, you can still wear black, but I’d suggest avoiding a complete tonal look, so try and wear the odd piece so you can still have a stylish wardrobe.


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