90s one hit wonder Skee-Lo articulated the condition of many men in his 1995 smash ‘I Wish‘, where he proclaimed “I wish I was a little a taller / I wish was a baller”. Now for every Kevin Hart forced to accept the unenviable mission of making himself look lankier, there’s a Andy Carroll banging his head against a brick wall. Not to mention low ceilings. The latter a struggle I am all too familiar with standing at 6ft 4in. So I’m going to start with the tall man struggle first.

Tips To a Look Shorter

If you are a human verticle line, then you need to send the eyes of people horizontal instead of what seems to be the never ending vertical journey to your face.

  • Break It Up – add details that break up the vertical line that is your body. Pin rolls or turn/ roll ups in your jeans/trousers. Have distractions between head & toe with layering and patterns – you’ll give the impression of less distance between the two.


  • Contrast Your Separates – to break up your legs and torso. In particular if your all legs, then you can wear dark colours on your top half to balance yourself out somewhat. Belts are also are key as they act as a natural cut. 


  • Proportion – particular key when it comes to tailoring. Full fat ties, paired with spread collars and wider lapels will be your horizantal-sending friends.


  • Patterns – are your ally in the battle against lankiness in particular colour blocking.

Tips To Look Taller

For my vertically challenged compatriots everything opposite to the above is applicable! 

Minimise distractions between head & toe – with, say, slit pockets rather than flaps or patched ones – you’ll give the impression of more distance between the two.

  • Fit – keep this in mind when your’re tempted to try and compensate for your smaller stature by buying oversized clothes. Remember the ending of BIG when Tom Hanks transforms back to the kid and swamped in the suit. Need I say more? Now this doesn’t mean go and buy skinny fit as this will make you look like you’ve shrunk in the wash with your clothing, I’d suggest slim fit.


  •  Vertical Stripes – the oldest trick in the handbook but the most affective because they’re literal likes that direct the eye up and down. 


  • Proportion – as a smaller man you’ll have smaller features and your clothes should mirror this with finer details (but not too slim). Sidestep spread collars which send the eye sideways and fat tie knots as these will just dwarf your head and you by extension.   
  • Eyes Up – restrict any points of interest like accessories to your top half – hats, pocket squares, eyewear, lapel pins etc. Banish your belt!

Follow these little steps and hopefully you’ll be omen route to feeling like a baller.

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