This year without doubt was the year of the minimal white trainer/sneaker with its rounded toe and green, blue, red or white heel padding from Adidas known as Stan Smith. Now fashionistas male and female cannot admit that Stan Smith owned 2015 but the real world evidence clearly states that “Oh, yes, they did”. 

How did the most classic silhouette in the Adidas catalogue become the phenom it did this sat year? Well unfortunately there is nothing sexy or alluring behind its success. It’s down to a well oiled and thought out strategic plan developed by the marketing bods headed up by Jon Wrexler at Adidas. They in essence followed the triangle model explained in that boring business lecture we either skipped or slept through. Firstly they started with putting the Stan Smith on a fashion-forward kid,

then on to the trend adopters 

then you target the communicators 

then let it bed into the mainstream with mass trend adoption, and viola you have yourself the brief synopsis of 2015 from the perspective of Stan Smith.

What’s kept the longevity of the trainer is its endorsements from designers such as Marc Jacobs, and Raf Simmons – who also designed a version of the shoe with a punched out “R” on the side – were both loyal fans. Then the music industry cottoned on and varying iterations were released firstly with several famous faces in the tongue – including A$AP Rocky & Stam Smith himself. The came the must have collaborations with Pharrell which sold out in a matter of minutes .

They’re not a luxury fashion statement but they are comfortable, sleek enough, ageless and affordable. They go with jeans, suiting, shorts and all other pillars of a modern man’s wardrobe. Will they last the decade like skinny jeans defined the 00’s? So I know it’s debatable but surely the Stan Smith has made its imprint on our wardrobes deep enough to claim the shoe of the teenies so far? 

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