Gentleman it’s party season again which means but only one thing…dust off your finery, polish your shoes and most importantly ready your livers! Now December and the wave of seasonal cheer means easing off (let’s not tell the boss shall we) and letting our hair down, however if we don’t keep our wits about us we could end up falling into many of the pitfalls which are hidden through the next few weeks.

Here’s a few pointers I hope will help

Smart Casual – let’s tackle this straight off the bat so as to leave no room for confusion. The smart casual dress code is one of the most confusing, mainly due to the word “casual”. This is usually interpreted as “I can wear what I like”, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The literal definition of this dress code is “such s style; informal yet smart enough for a particular situation”. Therefore there are clear Do’s & Don’ts attributed to this dress code that should be adhered to which will allow you to navigate the party season without making a fashion faux pas. These are as follows:


– jacket or blazer
– cardigan or jumper
– dark trousers or denim (no tears or extravagant detailing)
– long sleeved shirt
– tie is optional
– closed shoes
– dark socks

– shorts
– flip flops or sandals
– trainers
– caps
– sports wear
– logos and slogans on the top

Keep in mind that if the host host bothered to think about the dress code and specified it on the invitation, it means you should think over your outfit choices carefully.

FullSizeRender (10)

Preparation – it’s so key to a stress free party season. Spend the time and go through your wardrobe and ensure everything you want to wear has been dry-cleaned, in the case of tailoring, steamed, so that it’s ready to go at a moments notice. Once you’ve got the quality check out of the way, it’s time to think about quantity. Take a look ahead at your schedule and plan your choices accordingly, noting you might need extras where you have events on consecutive days.

party seaon1

Pocket Square – it completes any look whether it be a suit, separate jacket or a tie or no tie occasion, a silk pocket square can make the outfit. And while ’tis the season for something festive, no one wants to see your gaudy holly print. Instead, inject a little Christmas spirit with a polka dot pattern or a block-colour style in a seasonal shade of deep green or wine.

pocket square

Check your bag – yes you’ve spent time on picking out your perfect bag but your intention is to come and party for the duration, not to look like your just passing through.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST LOOK INTERESTED – EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT. – tedious conversation will happen but remain polite and engage. Don’t spend your time looking for an escape route over people’s shadows.




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