So you’ve spent the last decade experimenting with your style – now it’s time to lock it down. You’ve hit this decade and you know yourself, know what you like when it comes to clothes and have a list of go-to labels that fit your physique and asthetic. 


The thirties is where you give to back to yourself. Having got the basics down in your twenties, use the thirties to invest in the occasional item you’ll use all the time that’s going to last (step away from the cheap fast fashion retailers) – and look damn good in it! It’s also a time to take a more three sixty approach to your grooming regime. Grooming isn’t just about getting your haircut anymore – start thinking about your skin too.

The rules of how to dress in your thirties: 

1) Labels/Brands that work for you

A core selection of go-to destinations that stock your wardrobe staples that fit you without any hassle. Acquire these staples in bulk to ensure your always well stocked.

2) Standout items

Time to start adding items to your wardrobe that are going to last you a lifetime. Start out with items that you’re going to use a lot, and invest in the best you can buy. We are talking about those kind of items that you only really need one over such as bags (weekday and weekend bag), go-anywhere coat or high-end leather wallet. This is also a good time stop expanding your shoe collection from your basic few pairs the others that suits your fancy whether that be sleep trainers or various varieties of smart shoes my loafers the Derbies or Oxfords.

3) Grooming

This is more than just getting a hair cut fortnightly from your barber. Greater consideration needs to made for your skin with a streamlined moisturising and exfoliating regime.

4) Suits

Time to get a few more options. Invest in a good quality grey, navy and black suit as a minimum. Don’t be afraid to expand into a few bolder colours, materials or pattern as well as different weights for winter and summer. Make sure each item that forms the suit is tailored so it works in its own right. Remember: a suit is not just a suit, it’s also a blazer and trouser that can be split and utilised as separates.


Essential items for the thirties

  • Eyewear – even if you don’t need to wear glasses every day or only need them for when the sun comes out, by the time you hit your thirties your realise that one pairs of spectacles is not enough. Invest in a variety of frames that you can wear for different occasions – a good starting point would be for one black, one tautest shell and one clear acetate paper. The key is to get the right shape for your face – as a general rule go for a frame shape opposite to your face shape.
  • Coats – as with I will come along cowinner longer see you through – time to get some variety in your outerwear. A good start would be teo for winter a black and camel and lightweight one for summer. 
  • Signature scent – now I’m not talking about just using the toilet trees that were given as gifts but it’s actually picking a key note or smell that you like whether that be woody, aquatic, floral or fresher scents. Then make sure your other grooming products mirror that scent to avoid clashes. 
  • Bag – you cannot finish off a well put together look with the free bag you got from new gym membership. Buy a bag that not only looks impressive, but also works for a variety events and situations. Invest wisely and invest well.

Throw away before you hit forty:

  • Logo T-shirts
  • University, college hoodies or sweatshirts 
  • Free bags received from gyms

Read ARE YOU DRESSING YOUR AGE? to see what style hurdles you have to navigate to survive your Twenties.

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