Ever since high-fashion brands like the likes of Lanvin & Valentino started finessing their sneaker game, and style icons such as Mark Ronson, Tinie Tempah & Kanye West (I mention him far too often, don’t I?) showed us how to dress them up, us men have been experimenting with the look.

Now I can hear the distinguished gentlemen of Savile Row gawk at the sheer thought of such a combination, and along aside I see the legendary shoe makers in Northampton shaking their head in disapproval but for me this combination says one simple and yet very powerful thing……..

I’m wearing a suit not because of my job or a lack of imagination require it, but because I want too! And I feel very comfortable doing so.

Now this look is an extremely assured look, but also a very difficult one to pull off too. So I thought I’d devise some tips on how to best make the look work. Before we delve into the points there is one key rule to always remember….tread with confidence ,


sneak & suit 1

A low sleek profile, such as the Adidas Stan Smith  is the easiest to pair with a suit while the colour white plays nice with navy, brown and grey. Don chunky high tops, and you run the risk of resembling a rebellious sixth-former. Don’t go for a formally structured suit as it will seem as if you left your Oxfords somewhere on your commute.



If the last thing you want is your sneakers to blend in, then team up your kicks with a simple slim lined suit in a dark palette. Avoid striking colours in your shirt and tie (if you need one at all).



If all the above is too far out there then you can take baby steps by wearing sneakers that create the illusion that your still wearing shoes. The best I think for these are the Lanvin patent toe, which come in several different colour ways. They’re not cheap but definitely worth the investment. They retain the classic finesse of a formal shoe, and, when worn with an understated shirt and tie, mat suit free of business like patterns like pinstripes, create a contemporary but classic aesthetic.



Don’t stray too far towards the “performance” style of sneakers, and keep your kicks clean. You don’t want to channel those men who replace their “work shoes” with sorry old sports sneakers for the commute home. Keep the suit slim and contemporary.

Hopefully these little tips will help you to execute this look to perfection.

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