Now I’m one person who definitely purchases on impulse especially when it comes to new kicks; for once I  can say these were a considered and well researched purchase! Maybe I’ve turned a corner? Only time will tell! 

The Logic

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of black kicks with a white a sole which would be suitable for that smart/casual dress code requirement which rears its head in November and December also known as party season. 

The Hunt

Now my first port of call was the kicks of the moment the Adidas Stan Smith, the current “IT” trainer/sneaker!

 From Adidas’ core range to recent collaborations with Pharrell Williams, Raf Simmons & Wings + Horns to name a few no trainer/sneaker has had such a resurgence since the Nike Air Force 1 in the naughties. Now I scoured the worldwide web today from my desk (I did do some work today, promise) and the only version I could find which were matching my brief had Velcro straps. Now in my opinion no grown man should have Velcro straps instead of lace on his trainers/sneaker….its just not right!

The Find


Now as I continued my search I came across the Adidas Nastase MV X White Mountaineering in black and my eyes lit up and without a second thought out came the debit card and within minutes I had a confirmation email in my inbox. So what are the Adidas Nastase MV X White Mountaineering? These are part of a collaboration between Adidas and Tokyo based designer Yosuke Aizawa’s brand White Mountaineering. Yosuke is more known here in the UK for his work as a designer for Moncler. His designs particularly those for his own label are influenced by his belief that 

The field in which we wear are clothes is all outside. One, design. Two, utility. Three, technology. The imagination to fuse these elements together. The attitude of not submitting to sale and marketing needs.

The simple etched detail and suede panels added to the sleek silhouette of the Nastase by Yosuke is what sold it to me. At £109 they’re are not cheap but for me they very much remind of the Lanvin core sneaker but for significantly cheaper, well that’s how I justifying it anyway. When they arrive I will post some on the feet pics. 

What do you think? 

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