T   R   A  P  S  O  U  L


From sleeping in his car to a number 2 album in the Billboard R&B charts you could be forgiven for saying that Bryson Tiller (UK readers are like “Who?” but all will be revealed) is living the modern American Dream.

Who Is Bryson Tiller?

Bryson Tiller is a singer-songwriter who hails from Louisville, Kentucky who at the age of 22 is taking the music scene by storm. His debut album T R A P S O U L, released on the 2nd October has music connoisseurs excited beyond belief.

Bryson Tiller

Tiller started receiving massive internet attention from music industry insiders with his breakout single “Don’t” which he originally released on his SoundCloud page, having accumulated over 35 million streams. Currently the 10 tracks on his soundcloud page all have a million plus views. Early co-signs from super producer Timbaland and Drake led to multiple major label deals for Bryson, with him eventually choosing to sign a creative partnership with RCA Records in August of this year.


The Review

This album for me is exactly what you need these Autumnal days that will solidify your Netflix & Chill. The debut album is 14 tracks of nicely intertwined RAP & R&B without a single feature! Yes that’s zero features! With production from Milli Beatz,Sky Sense,Fade Majah,Timbaland,& others. It’s safe to say Bryson Tiller is here to stay! The tone of the album is not what you expect,he’s rapping on most of the tracks with a flow you will most likely have to hit replay on. Although Tiller himself has undergone an incredible come-up over the past year, his music has been commercially slept on. This project transitions from song to song with a melodic flow that in due time will have the radio buzzing. Don’t just take my word for it,stream the album below.



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