As social media servers globally brace themselves for the launch of ‘Yeezy Season 1’ in 5 days time which is the inaugural AW15 collection by Kanye West X Adidas, I decided to take a closer look at the collection.

The men’s collection is heavily influenced by Kanye’s current asthetic of late with distressed military pieces in what is a very muted colour palette. Apart from the Yeezy Boost 750 there is no statement piece to speak of, it’s that low key.

 Without doubt this collection will fly off the shelves like anything associated with Kanye over the past few years but unlike is A.P.C collaboration a few years ago I personally am not a fan.

 The pricing of Yeezy Season 1 has me wondering what body parts or organs avid fans are thinking of selling to afford the collection. In September’s US GQ issue with The Weekend; styled by Kanye using Season 1 pieces you’ll note in the credits the pricing:

  •  Thermal shirt, $405 (£265)
  • Crewneck, $495 (£323)
  • Hoodie $545 (£356)
  • Sweatpants, $585 (£382)
  • Duck boots, $585 (£382)
  • Sweater, $1,560 (£1,018)
  • Vest, $1,170 (£764)
  • Camo jacket, $2,210 (£1,443)
  • Flight jacket, $3,250  (£2,122)

Are your eyes watering yet? Mine certainly are!

More images of parts of the collection can be found below.


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