The Perfect Pair

As a man wear I my jeans through just about everything-from match days at the Emirates and date nights to days in the office and casual Friday drinks. So a good pair of jeans is something that I and almost all men like to count on. And every pair should fit like it was made bespoke for us. However there is nothing more difficult than finding a pair of jeans that fulfil those requirements!

So after my recent exploits in the hunt for a perfect pair of jeans, which sounds melodramatic but it’s been such hard work! I’ve come up with some tips which will hopefully help you in your hunt and save you the trial error I’ve endured over the past few weeks.

1. Don’t Worry About Your Body Type


Women may have to think about accentuating (or hiding) their curves, but men can look good in just about any denim fit. It’s less focused around your body type and more about the end use. Instead, think about the occasion. A more classic fit lends itself to relaxed activities, while a tailored cut can be dressed up for more formal events.

2. Shop A Size Smaller Than Normal

classic denim

A tight waistband can be uncomfortable—but one that’s too loose may mess up your entire look, resulting in bulk in all the wrong places. As much as women have the tendency to wear jeans too small, us guys usually wear them too big! Next time you hit the dressing room to try on a pair, grab a size smaller than you normally would and then once you have them on do the finger check: You shouldn’t be able to put more than two fingers in the waistband.

3. Skinny Jeans Aren’t Just For Hipsters

skinny denim

I can hear the cringes from here as I type away on my keyboard the words “skinny” and “jeans” in a sentence. This style isn’t mutually exclusive to Brick Lane hipsters or the likes of Russell Brand. Us average men make a tight fit work in the right cut. A slimmer fit allows for a refined and sophisticated aesthetic. If your comfortable classic fit kind of guy then look for a straight or slim leg fit, rather than skinny.

4. Check The Pockets

Denim pocket

To much detail can draw attention to potential to “problem areas”. Look for a clean thread pattern on pockets. Also make sure they aren’t too large or too long-these types of pockets will give the illusion that your backside is headed south.

6. When In Doubt, Go Dark

dark denim

Whether you wear your jeans just for kicks or late night clubbing, dark denim is a solid investment for day-to-night transition—with a swift shirt and tie change. If you only invest in one pair of jeans shoot for dark denim.

7. Dare To Experiment


Common misconception: bright colors and jean cuffing is reserved for preppy men in mansions with yachts. Not true! The warmer months are a great time to push the envelope slightly with your style. Use the beach as an excuse to roll up your jeans and throw on a pair of boat shoes—it says you’re totally ready for vacation. Own the look and the average girl will love that you took an opportunity to try something new. Plus, cuffing jeans elongates the leg, so you’ll look taller and leaner.

Hope these points are helpful!

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